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Course Offering

'Concepts and Marks' currently provide coaching services in the following subjects:
  • CA-CPT
  • Class 11 & 12 -  Accounts, Economics & Maths
Our Unique Course Offering
We understand that students have different requirements when it comes to help they need from teachers.
Some like regular classes, some like to self-study but need help when they get stuck, while some others like to get help only with practice before exams.

We at 'Concepts and Marks' understand these requirements and offer our unique courses depending upon students' needs.
Full Duration 'Regular Course'
These are regular full-duration courses that run academic-year-wise.

These courses are structured courses that have a time frame for completion of course, revisions, and tests spread across the year.
Accounts Coaching Economics Coaching
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Special Courses for 11 & 12 Students
Short Duration 'Concept Course'
Very Short Duration 'Query Sessions'
We also offer a short duration 'Concept' Course in Accounts and Economics for those who are interested only in learning the concepts in a fast track mode.

The course duration is 3 months and will start depending on the number of students requesting such courses.

We will start these batches again in 'Oct. to Dec. 2020'
These sessions are very useful for Students who face concepts related problems in some specific areas, do not want to commit themselves to regular full-time courses, and want to have access to the best teachers.
These are hourly 'Need-Based Query Sessions' conducted generally on Sundays, depending upon the availability of slots.

The sessions are open for all the students irrespective of the school or coaching center they are studying in. 
Short Duration 'Strategy & Speed' Test Series
We offer unique Short Duration Test Series from Jan. to Mar. every year for Board Students. These tests are full syllabus full-length exam-like tests conducted in a series of 5, 10 or 15 tests. These tests help students in the following ways:
  1. Assess conceptual clarity by attempting questions asked from different perspectives;
  2. Achieve desired speed in order to complete entire paper well in advance so that enough revision time is left with them;
  3. Successively assess where they stand, first in comparison with their past performance and then with other students. This will help them working on weak areas quickly just before exams; 
  4. Learn how to build on a strategy to approach different question at different times during those crucial three hours of exam;
  5. Actual board exam feels like just another exam in the series, thus alleviating the stress and exam anxiety.
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